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Shopping Around for the Best Possible Boat Deal


Before you make that impulse buy and get in over your head with your new boat, take a deep breath and consider there are plenty of big deals out there just waiting for you. There are thousands of people who bought a boat last year on impulse that are trying desperately to get out of the deal by selling their boat many times for a loss. Here are a few things you should consider before making that boat purchase.

boats-for-sale-in1. Online Auction Sites – The popularity of online auction sites like eBay allow sellers and buyers to connect in a more secure atmosphere. Sellers have to abide by certain rules or they lose their sellers account, and this allows buyers to pick and choose sellers based on rating and past performance. Depending on the starting price and end time of the auction, you may find at 3am you are the only one bidding and winning the boat of your dreams.

2. Visit a Boat Show – In addition to numerous boat manufacturers at the boat show, there are going to be representatives looking to sell boats for amazing deals. Rather than paying full retail price for the boat of your dreams, many vendors have promotional coupon and promo codes on hand to give to potential buyers who are ready to step up and close the deal. The discounts can be substantial, so have your best price in hand and see if the vendors are willing to come down to your best price. There are thousands of boats for sale in Florida and some of the largest boat shows on earth are hosted there.

3. Local Classifieds – When you see a boat for sale in the local paper, you may have stumbled upon a really good deal. Not only can you drive over and take a look at the boat, it may be at the marina and you could get out on the water with the owner for a test drive. Many boat sellers have invested some serious dollars in additional boat accessories like a trailer, fishing gear, safety equipment, and even engine upgrades. For one low price you may be able to negotiate and walk away with more boat than you originally thought you could afford. Some national listing site like offer free boat listings and are a good source for finding those distress sellers.

Don’t become another statistic of boat buyers who got in over their heads and had to bail a year later. Here is your chance to take your time and to sniff out the best deals because there is plenty of inventory out there to choose from if you are patient and better informed.


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