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real estateAt the height of the real estate market of the last decade (2005 to be precise), I personally had more than 40 million in real estate assets in play. I should have got out and liquidated then. However, I did not, and chased the market down right into 2008 before the banks all crashed in demanding that I payoff loans with assets that were now at 30-50% of the values just a few years earlier.

Some people saw this coming and liquidated their real estate holdings sooner, but many people like me did not and thought the bubble would never end.

This website’s dedicated to keeping track of the tools and trends in real estate so that maybe we can keep what equity we have investing in property this time around. As Real Estate markets have grown, housing prices are recovering and mortgage lending starts to get a bit easier, let us not slide back into the old habits of real estate investing of 2005 and before.

In 2005 I nor my companies were not over leveraged on any of our real estate assets but certainly we were much to linear in where our property and homes were located in the market segments both at the dollar point and geographical location.

Look forward to more information in our blog and posts to follow with places, people and other website that can lend guidance to those still willing to use Real Estate, Homes, Land and even development and building or remodeling as a way to build wealth.

Mortgage lending , insurance for our property and homes are all a big part of what helps us do what we do and I plan to dedicate much of our online resources toward these businesses. Check back often and discover tools to help your investment and business grow.


Thank you,

The Team at Eclisse2005.com